This weekly meeting revolutionizes your fundraising team's culture!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

This is the second post in a 3 blog series focused on the culture of a fundraising team, and how a strong culture actually affects your bottom line!

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How To Build A Powerful Fundraising Culture To Attract Major Givers

Part II, a tactical step you can take this week!

Your team’s culture is key to success. The way you keep your team inspired and engaged will determine the level of your success. So what’s a strategy to keep your team fired up?!

Hold a weekly accountability meeting! This might sound overly simple, but the simpler the better.

During this meeting, which should have everyone involved in fundraising or development at any level in the room (or Zoom), start by taking a look at your fundraising efforts from an organizational level.

After you’ve all had a chance to look at your fundraising from the organizational perspective, filter down to the individual level and allow everyone a few minutes to walk through their “Pipeline.” Let them express situations where you can celebrate a victory as a team. Allow your team members to ask for help or prayer about specific events in real-time.  Allow your team to collaborate by discussing the current needs and see where different relationships may be leveraged. 

This applies what we call “subtle accountability.”

If you know that every week you have to go through your progress, hold-ups, and everything in between in front of the team you’re going to be fired up to make some calls and set some meetings!

If you don’t have a Pipeline process you’re leaving money on the table! The only way to deliver a consistent experience to your Major Givers is through a process. The simple, collaborative Pipeline provided by Dot Drives is all you need to keep your whole team’s eye on the development and engagement ball.

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Tactical Steps:

1. Start with a strong foundation!

2. Begin implementing a weekly development meeting.

a. Simple tools like Dot Drives make this process a breeze!

b. Combined with a Development Coach, you have a powerful recipe for success!

Speaking of Development Coaches, Flagship is one of our community partners, and offer incredible solutions to your fundraising and development needs!

Checkout their 3 new programs to help you become fully equipped and fully funded:

Fundraising Academy

Flagship Fundraising Academy is a virtual group coaching program designed to equip nonprofit leaders with proven strategies and best practices in fundraising and development, bringing radical change through radical generosity for the glory of God.

Registration is now open for our Fall 2020 Semester. We are offering a 25% tuition discount for nonprofits with a budget under $300,000. Register here.

The Anchor Program

The Anchor Program is a highly structured, outcome-driven individual coaching program taking you through a proven 4-step process.  We will help you build capacity to reach your fullest potential and make a lasting impact in the cause God has placed in your heart. Contact to discuss. 

Fair Winds Program

The Fair Winds Program provides implementation and management of a successful fundraising program as we embed a Flagship Development Officer (FDO) into your nonprofit culture. We raise funds alongside of you while strengthening donor relationships for transformational Kingdom impact. Contact to discuss. 

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