In the Middle

I have learned when God honors me with a vision He provides a beautiful picture of what will be, the energy, excitement, and resources to begin - but He never shows the entire journey, the struggles, and the length of time.

I believe if He did I would not set out... I’m 51 and have been honored to rise to leadership by working my butt off, building great teams, servant leading, and by remaining fixed on the Vision/goal - but most significantly being a recipient of God's favor!!

I’m thankful that in each case it took almost a decade to reach the mountain top. It was during these years, THE MIDDLE of the journey, that I would learn, grow, experience loss and victory, build meaningful relationships and most importantly be able to appreciate and be dependent on God throughout the process!

I/We will spend most of our time in the middle phase of any journey, in the not knowing how but trusting in the WHO!

If you are in THE MIDDLE of a journey don’t lose heart, press on, do the next thing...

If you would like further conversation or encouragement please reach out to me.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences.



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