What is YOUR goal as a leader?

As a leader you hold a lot of responsibilities. At the end of the day YOU are responsible for the outcomes and well being of your team and organization as a whole. There's a lot of factors, stress and responsibility. But the question remains: What is your goal as a leader?

This may sound like a pointless question to ask with a limitless variety of potential answers. "My goal is to raise more money" "My goal is to inspire my team and launch a new profit center." Those are both great answers! But if your answers sounded similar to that you're not thinking big enough!

As a leader it is your ultimate goal and responsibility to raise up those around you and prepare them to take your place. You should be equipping, empowering and cultivating the dreams of those under your leadership. You are encouraging them to expand an existing vision or enterprise.

Here's a short poem I wrote last December that I think captures the essence of the importance of transitional leadership:

I'm far from shore

In shallow water no more

Anchored firmly to a solid ocean floor

These are conditions in which I cast well

I wait for reflections of calmness no wind no swell

My casts are similar in width and distance

I'm careful and know this seas resistance

Cast is complete

One less will I throw

Head back to shore soon

There will I go

Watching my net

Always in clear sight

Knowing just when to pull and make tight

A good catch once more I pull aboard

Light lowers where ocean kisses the sky

Do I cast one last time?

A salty mist covers me

Closed eyes reopened

A new ocean I see

This endless ocean right under my feet

Yet anchored in one place

Each cast made off the same side.

But not this last time

I will cast my net far and wide

I will cast my net from the other side

This will require me to pull with all my might

Against this ocean I plan my last fight

I will need other fishermen to pull this net in

With great excitement they pull the net to the surface

The boat bowing down under the weight of this catch

I am also pulling with all of my strength

But I pull on the anchor line with my eyes turned to the shore

My job is done a fisherman no more

Cast your net far and wide!

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