Brett McDonough

Co Founder

Head of Philanthropy

A career investor and business builder.  Brett McDonough sums up his career path in one word: entrepreneurial.  He strives to break the barrier between the secular and divine that exists in the marketplace,  and to glorify God in his daily work. Brett has spent the last ~16 years in the financial services and private equity industries with a focus on real estate and oil & gas.   In addition to his role as co-founder at Dot Solutions, he serves as Chairman for a non-profit focused on small business lending in East Africa with a mission to create jobs and build a class of business leaders devoted to using the marketplace as their mission field.  Brett also owns several businesses within the agribusiness and education industries in Uganda and Rwanda, and has been traveling regularly to the continent for the past ~10 years.

He holds degrees in finance and geology from Rutgers University, as well as the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA).  He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Anna and their three children, Breanna, Jax and Harper.

Salvatore Ferlise

Co Founder


Born on Long Island NY Sal and his wife of 27 years Toni relocated to Virginia over 24 years ago.  Sal spent over 20 years working in insurance claims management and commercial construction management.  He considers old-fashioned hard work, character, customer relations, and loyalty to be the main ingredients for a productive, meaningful, rewarding and significant career!

Sal enjoys helping to build healthy teams by connecting the dots within organizations. Sal spent the last several years mentoring multiple non-profit leaders on a one on one basis, serves on four nonprofit Board of Directors and conducts training sessions and workshops to help leaders navigate to a sounder place while improving their impact.

Sal co-founded Dot Solutions LLC. in 2019 with the purpose to see thousands of faith-based non-profits become more successful. 

Sal is excited about leading Dot because it allows him the opportunity to leverage decades of firsthand and end user experience to assist others in becoming more efficient and effective!

In summary Sal does what he does because he believes that our world needs people at their best!

Joshua Worret

Project Manager

A recent college graduate and passionate lover of business, Joshua Worret takes pride in the relentless pursuit of building meaningful businesses. During his four years in college he created numerous small scale businesses pursuing knowledge through action. Joshua met the founders of Dot Solutions and had an immediate connection to the culture and message. He holds the role of Project Manager and works closely with the founders to continually innovate in the non-profit space.

Joshua holds a degree in Finance from Liberty University and lives in Coastal Virginia.

Tonia Lyon

Network Director

I've led teams, traveled the world, climbed mountains, raced cars, and
interviewed fascinating, influential people. I used to thrive on being the hero in
my own story. But now, lifelong learning is my platform.
I get abundant joy out of guiding and
developing leaders to solve problems and become their very
best selves to change the world. 

Cameron Dixon

Client Relations

After Cameron graduated from Liberty University, he spent a few months traveling to multiple countries in Asia to work on a clothing company he has started. Then joining his Community College Alumni board along with a few other local service projects, Cameron realized that he enjoyed working with individuals in the community and helping grow what they have already had success with. From there Cameron started doing business consulting and stumbled upon Dot Solutions, an organization that he felt even at a young age, had a great culture woven into it and top-notch leadership. With his role in business development and client relations Cameron wants nothing more than to see this company thrive by always putting the customers interest first.