A simple, collaborative nonprofit CRM and donor pipeline built for fundraisers by fundraisers.

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There's nothing as simple as Dot Drives. Our executive team meets once per week to sit down and go through our Dot Drives Pipelines.
It's fun to watch them have a healthy dialogue and to see them get excited about their numbers rising towards their goals.
Dot Drives has allowed us to take those key relationships and bring them to a deeper level.
It also provides a simple platform that brings visibility and process to how we develop and Steward our prospects.
Dot Drives has become the Dashboard for our organization.


—  Wendy Adams, Director of Donor Engagement

Patrick Henry Family Services

Every nonprofit should be using a fundraising pipeline.

Organizations that use a defined Pipeline have revenue growth 18%-28% higher than those that don't. 

What would that type of growth look like on your bottom line? How many more lives could you impact if your revenue grew 20% next year?

Leverage best practices


Keep your best practices in front of your team by customizing the process to fit your needs.


Consistent processes that walk you through the donor engagement cycle.

Simple, efficient updates that allow your Givers to celebrate.


Collaborate with your team, build a rock solid culture.

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