We're not software people.

We're nonprofit people.

This sketch was the first ideation of Dot Drives, done by Sal Ferlise; CEO of Sports Outreach Institute.

At the time, Sal had been running Sports Outreach for almost 10 years, and couldn't find simple solutions on the market to recurring issues he and his peers in the nonprofit sector were dealing with.

Sal has often been called a "Dot Connector" throughout his professional career, getting into a situation and finding solutions that drive impact and results. 

During a short term missions trip to El Salvador, Sal had a brief conversation about these issues with his soon to be business partner, and long time Philanthropist, Brett. Not long after that conversation, Dot Solutions LLC. was born!


For passionate nonprofit leaders with limited resources who want better donor relationships.

Who don't need or want overcomplicated and overpriced software.

For those who focus on building meaningful individual relationships instead of following the trend of mass appeal transactional relationships.

We're driven to increase efficiency and effectiveness in nonprofit organizations. 

So that you may have a greater impact in the field, for the world.

What Drives You?

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Dot Drives is on a mission to simplify CRMs in the nonprofit space. We deliver simple, collaborative, and powerful tools that help you achieve a greater impact.




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