Three things that you NEED to focus on to run a nonprofit.

We all know being focused is critical to success, especially in the nonprofit space where more often than not everyone is taking on much more responsibility than their "Title" might imply!

Before we get into it- I know there are LOTS of other things and specifics that you have to focus on as well. This is a generalized top three!

I'd love to share a word from Sal, CEO of Sports Outreach Institute and one of the founders here at Dot.

Sal has been running a nonprofit full time for the last decade, here's what he said are his key points of focus:

Money - raising support from generous individuals in highly relational ways. Stewarding these resources well and building meaningful long term partnerships with the donors. A key that is often overlooked to accomplish this is sending timely and meaningful updates back to the donors about their specific IMPACT. This not only builds trust but allows the donor to celebrate!

Team - encouraging, equipping, empowering. Applying loving accountability! Leading each individual well because I sincerely desire the best for them. Communicating clearly and often. Sharing vision consistently. Inviting everyone into the process. Recognizing change is inevitable, good, and embracing change. Understanding everyone will have many seasons of life. Acknowledging differences and being open to our weaknesses. Always optimistic and always making decisions in love even when they may not appear to be.

Board – respect, ponder and consider differences of opinion. Value diversity and recognize others' passions. Build authentic relationships. Being open and honest regardless of fear. Praying for their families and being thankful for their diverse support! Communicating regularly, much less formal-family style! Sharing the triumphs and the troubles in simple ways. Keeping the work of ministry cheerful despite the fact that we are in a war against evil, destruction, and death! Seeking their help and celebrating their giftings!!

PS: Dot Drives brings process, clarity, and collaboration to each of these three areas!